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     Some might say that emo is merely a popular musical genre. For example, a lot of the emo songs deal with such themes as despair, heartbreak, love, and faith. Common and close to every modern teenager or adult, they won't leave you indifferent. Nevertheless, it is much more than that. Emo is a lifestyle.

If you are active, emotional, and creative, welcome to the club. Being yourself doesn't necessarily mean being a loner - you can easily find soul mates. Experiment with the way you look to express your personality, find new friends, and get the most out of your everyday life. Change your hairstyle or wear something you have never even thought about. Daring colors, tight jeans, stylish T-shirts, and unique accessories will help you look modern and attractive anywhere you go. Follow the most popular trends and develop your own unique style.


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Emo Chat Boys' and Girls' Style

     If you want to become an emo, you'll have to look like one. Don't hesitate to change your image and bring some class to it. The variety of styles and opportunities allows you to choose between fashionable street look and glam wear. In any case, pay attention to clothing - Emo Chat Boys and girls are destined to stand out.

Dyed black hair, tight T shirts and logos of famous rock bands are an essential part of the image. Note that tight jeans with studded belts and noticeable belt buckles will look appropriate on both boys and girls. Straightened hair and a long 'emo' fringe combed to one side have already become a popular trend. Long, short and medium emo hairstyles for boys and girls

If you are not sure what you are looking for, check out special galleries: filled with pictures of Emo Chat Girls and boys, they will give you some useful ideas. Extraordinary hairstyles and scene haircuts along with the most daring clothing styles are collected in one place. Having shown one of these pictures to your hairdresser, you will get your dream image. Choosing hairstyles, you don't have to copy Emo Chat Boys and girls - change your hair the way you like it and be original. Moreover, you can share your style with the rest of the world. Upload your own photos and inspire newcomers.


Typical Emo Girlfriend Makeup

     Try to create complex style with your hair and makeup. Having made a final decision on haircuts and styles, you should think about your face. Classic emo makeup is rather dramatic bringing the brilliance of the scene to your everyday life. Apply base shadow, gradually proceeding to the defining color - it will help you reach the desirable effect.

Note that makeup styles may be a bit different for girls and boys. Girls should thicken the eyeliner (you don't need an ordinary daily makeup, do you?) to reach solid black effect. If you have bright hair or just want to add more color, feel free to experiment. Colorful eyeliners will perfectly combine with red, pink, or blue emo hairstyles. Remember that you don't need the lines to be perfect. Smudge the lines to look like Emo Chat Girls from popular pictures. Smoky eyes shining between the locks of dark hair are a sure way to impress boys.

Look for step-by step guides. Including detailed pictures and commentaries, they will give you some clues. Emo Chat Boys normally use minimum foundation, although dark eyeliner is a must. Since most of the hairstyles are black, avoid neon colours and choose the monochrome style instead. You can often find photos of boys and girls that can inspire you. Apply extraordinary emo makeup and change.

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Usual Accessories You Can See Emo Girl or Boy Wearing

     You can often seen Emo Chat Girls and boyls walking around with extreme hairstyles and unusual haircuts. However, perfectly styled hair is not enough. To show your individuality, you can buy some common emo accessories. Suitable for boys and girls alike, they create colorful accents and make your look complete.

Moreover, girls can brighten up classic hairstyles with bows and hair clips. Such accessories are offered in the variety of styles, including the most exotic color mixtures and prints. Having decided to perform a makeover, visit one of the online shops to get what you want. Collected in special sections, emo accessories will surprise you with colors, designs, and prices.

Those, who are not ready to dye their hair or wear scene makeup, will enjoy stylish neckties, key chains, and buttons. Boys will appreciate numerous bracelets, scarves, and hats. Quality pictures and complete descriptions will help you choose the best products. If you don't know how to combine them in your new emo look, you can always find photos that encompass all possible styles. Such pictures are normally uploaded by users and can be rather useful for those, who are new to this culture. Become one of the stylish Emo Chat Boys and girls right now.

What Songs Do Emo Listen To?

     Highly influenced by hardcore punk and indie rock, emo music is notable for melodic songs and expressive lyrics. Themes of love and loss, life and death are timeless and, therefore, widely popular among Emo Chat Boys and girls. Just like any other genre it is dicided into a number of styles from melodic rock to screamo.

Most of the emo bands can be easily spotted for their unusual look: extreme haircuts, scene makeup, and unusual clothes. Boys and girls often use their photos as a guide to new styles and a way to improve their own image. Pictures of popular idols and band logos are seen on themed accessories and clothes, such as shirts, hair clips, buttons etc. You can always print a quality image and show it to your hairdresser to get one of the best hairstyles. Exotic and colourful hair will bring a nice change to your everyday life and help you express yourself.

However, emo music is not only bright pictures and hairstyles - attitude is everything. Millions of girls and boys all over the world love this music for its philosophy. Dealing with common life problems, it opens a whole new world of emotion and sensitivity. Remember that your look (hair, makeup etc.) is only a part of the emo lifestyle. Join emotional boys and girls and feel the tunes.

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What Clothes to Wear If You Are an Emo?

     There is no sense in following common trends if you don't like them. Emo clothing styles are a perfect way to express your personality and stay cool at the same time. Divided into two major directions (street and glam), they are perfect for any occasion.

Street emo look is a great everyday variant for both boys and girls: tight black jeans, band T-shirts, stripy or checked accessories, and skate shoes. On the other hand, glam or scene emo clothing will be appropriate at gigs, parties etc. Enjoy contrasts and unusual patterns combined with high heels and skirts (for girls) or edgy shoes (for boys). Pay attention to your hair and don't be afraid to experiment with it. There are no rules for Emo Chat Girls and boys - be creative and do what you like. Bring something new to ordinary haircuts or try a complete makeover.

The best hairstyles are asymmetric, although short spiky hair is also quite common. Looking for new ideas, you can check some online galleries and browse through thousands of exclusive pictures. Remember that your look has to be harmonious, so make sure your hair fits your clothing style. If none of the ready styles suits you, step away from pictures, lists, and photos. Mix up existing hairstyles and popular clothes to create your own remarkable image. Get ready to rock with Emo Chat Boys and girls.

Last Update: 15 apr 2011
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